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Ultrasonic generator
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2020-05-07
Ultrasonic generator
Ultrasonic generator
1. Product features
  • Automaticlly searching frequency and matching transducer
  • Power feedback and super welding quality
  • Adjustable energy and more adaptable in welding
  • Precision AF ptimize transducer efficiency
  • Adapt to continuous welding and intermittent welding
  • With touch LCD .Regulating system parameters.Feedback in time
  • Continuous welding and discontinuity welding. Discontinuity welding divided into single and continuous model. Welding time and keeping- voltage time are configurable.
  • Easy to integrate into the automated production line
  • Produced by national high-tech enterprise which is a listed company
  • Best assurance in quality and service
2.Main technical parameters
Model ULT2000C-20K ULT2000P-20K ULT3000C-15K ULT3000P-15K
Working mode Continuous welding Discontinuity welding Continuous welding Discontinuity welding
Discontinuity welding setting up   Single time / many times   Single time / many times
Input voltage range 220V±10%
Maximum output power of the whole machine ≥2000W ≥3000W
Output frequency 20KHz 15KHz
Adaptation ultrasonic transducer 20KHz 2000W 15KHz 3000W
Applicable mask type Plane type&N95 N95
Cooling mode Air cooling
Working environment temperature -20° C - 45° C
Volume L×H×D=282(mm)*101(mm)*295(mm)
Weight 5KG
3.Size drawing
  • Ultrasonic generator size
Ultrasonic generator size
  • 20KHz2000W  Ultrasonic transducer,flange,mould
20KHz2000W  Ultrasonic transducer
20KHz2000W  Ultrasonic transducer
20KHz2000W  lange
20KHz2000W  flange
20KHz2000W  mould
20KHz2000W  mould
  • 15KHz3000W  Ultrasonic transducer,flange,mould
15KHz3000W  Ultrasonic transducer
15KHz3000W  Ultrasonic transducer
15KHz3000W  flange
15KHz3000W flange
15KHz3000W mould
15KHz3000W mould
15KHz3000W mould
15KHz3000W mould
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