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Five-in-one Photon Cosmetology Power System
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Five-in-one Photon Cosmetology Power System

Model: IPL1000PS-F

1. Multifunctional integration, the integration of design: high-power IPL power + machine system testing control + serial interface screen + double handle conversion + TEC refrigeration control + WIFI function(Optional)

2. Powerful supporting software: human-computer interaction picture (customizable) + background parameter setting +power calibration and storage + multilingual support + program online upgrade + equipment remote management

3. New technology of medical and beauty, new function free upgrades

4. Original large current plug, use more secure, more convenient

5. Adopting new technology and modular design, to ensure efficient, stable and reliable

6. Easier fault location and troubleshooting

7. Patent design, ensure continuous pulse group output energy coincident.

8. The whole machine accord with medical electrical equipment YY0505-2012,IEC60601-1-2 design standard


Leakage Current


Output Power

800W-2000W (3000W optional)

External capacitance


Touch Panel Dimensions

8/10 inch

 Auxiliary power supply


Average Lifetime


Cooling method

Forced air


Overload, overpressure, overflows



New weight(kg)


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