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LDD90 semi-conductor laser power system
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Product description
LDD90 semiconductor laser system output 12A/7.5V (constant current adjustable) semiconductor laser drive, 60mA (constant current is not adjustable) indicating light drive; LD drive full load output current ripple <100mA, current ramp time> 5ms, current slow down Time >5ms; foot switch controls LD drive output; touch display shows chassis temperature, LD drive output voltage, LD drive output current; touch screen can control indicator light drive output, LD drive output mode selection (continuous pulse mode / single Sub-pulse mode / continuous mode), pulse width setting; potentiometer can adjust semiconductor laser drive output current; hardware over-current protection, over-temperature protection, external emergency stop protection and other protection functions.

Interface introduction
    Front panel interface as shown:
      1 Product Name: LDD90 Semiconductor Laser Power Supply System;
      2 Emergency stop button: After the emergency stop, the system will no longer output, release the emergency stop and re-power on the normal output;
      3 Touch display: can detect the chassis temperature, output current, laser operating voltage, select LD drive output mode, pulse width setting, B output switch;
      4 Current adjustment knob: adjustable LD drive output current, clockwise increase, the maximum adjustment current 12A;
      5 Company Name: Shandong Laser Source Technology Co., Ltd.

    Rear panel interface as shown:
     1 Output and control interface:
        1 foot - LD+
        2 feet - indicator light +
        3 feet - LD-
        4 feet - indicating light -
        5-6 foot - foot switch
     2 System fan; chassis cooling fan, please keep the vents open;
     3 AC input: input voltage is 90~260VAC, 50/60Hz, the switch is set to 1 position and the system is energized, the 0 position system is powered off;
     4 Ground studs: connect the earth;

Touch screen interface introduction

   1 Continuous pulse mode: In this mode, after the foot switch is closed, the LD drive continuously sets the current waveform output with the pulse width as the output time and 3 times the pulse width as the cycle;
   2 Single pulse mode: In this mode, after the foot switch is closed, LD drives to set the pulse width as the current waveform of the output time, and then no longer outputs;
   3 Continuous mode: In this mode, after the foot switch is closed, the LD drive will always output until the foot switch is released;
   4 LD driving power working status display: Gray indicates LD drive has no output, red indicates LD drive has output;
   5 Indicating light switch: when it is pressed, it turns red to indicate that the light driver has an output, and click again to turn off the indicator light to drive the output;
   6 Chassis temperature: Real-time display of chassis temperature;
   7 Output voltage: real-time display LD drive output voltage;
   8 Output current: real-time display LD drive output current;
   9 Pulse Width Setting: In the continuous pulse mode and single pulse mode, the pulse width can be set and the setting range is 50~999ms; this function can only be set when the foot switch is released;
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